Why Bat Has No Friends

Based on a Native American Indian Legend.

Many years ago there was a great war between the birds and the animals.

No-one knows why. It just happened.

The creatures with wings flew to the battle site and made their camp. Those who had legs, walked there.

Bat joined the birds. “Hey, I’ve got wings. So I must be a bird. And there are more of us, so we should win!”

The first battle was long and hard, but gradually slashing claws and tearing teeth began to win over beaks and wings.

Bat could see that the birds were losing so he hid behind a bush.

When the battle was over the animals walked back towards their camp.

“Man, did we kick those birds’ butts or what?” said Buffalo, spitting out a few feathers.

“Yeah! We kicked their butts” cried Bat in his high pitched voice

The animals stopped. “What are you doing with us?” shouted Beaver, slapping the ground hard with his big, flat tail. “You’ve got wings. You’re with the other side.” “Yeah, that’s right” growled Bear. “And I’m going to eat you!”

“Guys! Guys! Get Real!” said Bat, pointing into his mouth. “When have you ever seen a bird with teeth? Of course I’m one of you!”

“I suppose so,” grumbled Bear.

The next day there was to be another battle and Bat walked to the site with the animals. “Let’s rip their beaks off!” he yelled.

This time the birds flew as an army with the sun behind them, its bright light blinding the animals. Tearing talons and flapping wings tore into furry bodies. The birds were winning. Again Bat hid behind a bush.

When it was all over and the birds started to fly back to their camp, Bat silently joined them.

“That was a good victory today”, said Eagle. “Yeah! We kicked their butts” shouted Bat. “Hold on” said Crow. “You were with the other side.”

“Guys! Guys! Get Real” said Bat. “When have you ever seen an animal with wings like mine? Of course I’m one of you.” He flapped his wings vigorously.

“I suppose so”, said Eagle.

And that’s how it was in each battle.

When Bat saw that the side he was on was going to lose, he pretended he was on the other side.

Eventually the birds and animals got tired of fighting each other. They all came together while their Chiefs held a council of truce to decide how things would be settled.

It was very difficult for Bat to pretend that he belonged to both sides. The Chiefs knew what he had done.

“Friends should always help each other and not pretend to be one thing when they are another” they said.

“Bat has wings, but he is not a bird. He has teeth, but he is not an animal. From now on, Bat will only fly at night when other birds are asleep and the animals are hunting.”

All the creatures nodded in agreement.

“You will always be alone, Bat. You will never have a friend among the creatures that fly or from those that walk!”

And that’s why Bat always flies at night and doesn’t have any friends.


(Source from http://www.planetozkids.com)


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25 09 2013

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